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“As a beginner I felt the information might be too advanced for me to put to any concrete use. However, through Christina's practical and accessible guidance, I very quickly found I was able to perceive the subtle energetic experience of myself and my relationships with a simple yet profound clarity. She helped to bring something already known into conscious awareness and gave me tools to work with the subtle experience that had always eluded me or seemed too mysterious to grasp. I feel that I am gaining some degree of mastery over this essential aspect of life. What an offering!” – Jane Hamilton
Director of Donor & Corporate Development
The Bay Institute
“After experiencing a cerebral hemorrhage, I became determined to find a practice that emphasized self healing and supported my daily life. Christina Cross introduced me to the physio-psychic system which showed me an effective way to remain balanced and adjust to stress. Her work helped me overcome the effects of my stroke so that I could teach and interact with the public again. Eight years later, Christina's work continues to support me daily.” – Katherine Sherwood
Professor of Art
UC Berkeley
“So much is written for parents and educators about recognizing the uniqueness of each child, yet all too often as adults our own experiences and aspirations blind us to seeing children as individuals. The Intuitive Explorations Series offers parents and teachers strategies for identifying and addressing our inner voices and reactions. For me, these reflections clear the path, in a way like no other, to respond more fully and sensitively to the children (and adults) in my life.” – Marcy Whitebook
Director, Center for the Study of Child Care Employment
UC Berkeley
“Christina’s approach demystifies the way people can work with energy and intuition. She makes it accessible to everyone. Her work reconnects us with parts of ourselves that we may not have realized existed. Without presenting this work as esoteric or ‘special,’ she gives us viable everyday tools for living.” – Zoe Balfour
Dance instructor and energy work practioner

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